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Sale 1878 Black Label Styling Beard Balm Classic Hold

1878 Black Label Beard Balm – Classic Styling Hold Finishing Balm

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Sale A great set of trimming scissors is a necessity: for this reason Beard & Bates has designed, developed and hand-crafted some of the best shears money can buy. Our 1878 Black Label Shears were inspired by classic 19th Century grooming scissors which were prized possessions carried by cavalry commanders who favored long and intimidating facial hair. Taking a cue from the fact that Cavalry soldiers' tools of the trade were carbines, pistols and sabers, we created a unique embossed genuine leather holster/scabbard to complement these fine shears. The best modern steel is Japanese, and the1878 Black Label Shears are crafted from the finest J2 420 Japanese steel and heat treated to Rockwell Hardness of 55-56. The scissors are 4.5" in total, currently TSA approved for travel, and the blades are razor sharp convex edge blades, which are hollow ground to make precision cuts, and require no resharpening. This quality level is on par with profession hair cutting scissors which cost $250-$500. The traditional ergonomic design enables you to put your ring finger through the hole, use the two indentations to rest your index and middle fingers, all while allowing your pinky to sit atop the brass finger rest. This provides one much more fluid control when trimming. It had become historically common for Calvary forces to wear imposing facial hair, whether it be long mustaches or full beards, so as to appear more imposing to the enemy, and so specific appearance was an important "weapon." Weapon or not, your facial hair will benefit from this quality holstered set of shears.

1878 Black Label Shears – Premium Grooming Scissors with Leather Holster

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Sale The Beard & Bates 2019 Brand Ambassadors Wall Calendar is filled with 12 months worth of all the sexy Beard & Bates Brand Ambassadors that you can handle. Made in USA. Limited Edition. Small Run

2019 The Ambassadors Wall Calendar

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Beard & Bates – Grooming Essentials Beard Kit

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Sale Beard And Bates recreates the one-of-a-kind 19th century beard balm that is utilized for its hair nourishing, skin rejuvenating and gentle conditioning properties. This exceptional balm incorporates the finest ingredients: Jojoba Oil: which closely resembles natural skin oils provides a powerhouse of nourishing vitamins and minerals for promoting hair growth and hydration, and for creating healthy skin. Argan Oil: this "miracle oil" fights hair loss, dandruff, tames unruly frizz and curls, makes hairs silkier and smoother by nourishing and hydrating the follicles, has an exceptionally high fatty acid and Vitamin E content, and has proven anti-aging properties for the skin. Grapeseed Oil: this anti-oxidant and linoleic acid rich oil fights acne and blemishes, tightens the skin, accelerates hair growth, and imparts a natural shine as it conditions hair. Mango Butter: nourishing plant butter rich in many nutrients and antioxidants; a potent anti-inflamatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial butter will keep skin healthy; restores and maintains moisture and promotes cell regeneration in hair and skin; contributes to healthy hair growth; locks in moisture. Beeswax: nourishes and locks in moisture in hair; is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial; clears acne, eczema and psoriasis; natural styling agent. The light essential essence of sweet orange compliments the beeswax and mango butter to provide a warm and inviting fragrance. The balm is optimized for nourishing, conditioning and light styling properties, so it does not have the hold of styling waxes. Treat your beard and skin right with this amazing balm and see the difference.

Beard Balm – The Orginal Old-Fashioned Beard Balm For Growth & Thickness

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Beard Comb – The Sandalwood Switchblade – Handcrafted Foldable Beard Comb

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Sale beard oil beard and bates original formula

Beard Oil – The Original Beard’s Beard Oil – Original Formula

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Boar Bristle Beard Brush

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Genuine Leather Pouch – For Sandalwood Switchblade – (Pouch Only)

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Handmade Wooden Stash Box

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Palo Santo – Hand Cut

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Sale belt beard and bates bracket

The Original Belt Bracket – Stainless Steel / Black

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