My name is D. Beard Bates II. I’m an artist, musician, writer, record producer, film-editor and now I’m carrying on an age old tradition by creating Beard And Bates.

My middle name, which my family always called me by, is Beard, and it was the surname of my grandmother, who was Sarah Beard. Be it that 1.) my name is Beard, 2.) I have a beard and have been using my own beard oils and balms for years, and 3.) my ancestors had a history of creating such products in the 19th century, I figured, somewhat in jest, if anyone should start a beard-products company it should be me.

Well, I started Beard & Bates, which is a modern company that carries on the work began by my ancestors: the Beard family of North Carolina and the Bates family of Virginia. Both families historically became known for their creativity, inventions, ideas and products that defied the expected. Beard & Bates seeks to recreate the 19th Century beard oil, combs, fashion, products and sundries that the Beard family became known for, while adding the iconoclastic American vision and ideas that characterized the Bates family of Virginia.

I plan on expanding this brand to incorporate anything that inspires me, anything I think is cool, and I’m doing it for the love of doing it.

Beard & Bates provides products for the Life in Rebellion.